The Facility


A friendly face welcomes you...

Where you wait....

Where you consult....

During your first visit, you will fill out a Patient Information and Patient Health History form

and, depending on the procedure to occur, are brought into the consultation room where you view an informational DVD regarding the procedure to be performed.  You will also have an opportunity to ask the doctor any questions or concerns you may have regarding your proposed treatment.

Designing an office completely from scratch has its advantages. 

Alamo Heights Oral Surgery was designed from scratch.  Unlike practitioners who “inherit” another doctors’ office, Dr. Medley had the luxury of using his 22 years of experience working in many different clinic settings as an Air Force Dental Officer to know the things that did, and did not, effectively serve his patients. He sought to design a facility and order state of the art equipment which would contribute to the comfort and safety of his patients.

Mrs. Medley, on the other hand, wanted to make visiting the office a pleasant experience.  “I have visited some doctors’ offices which make an already stressful situation just dreadful,” said Liz Medley.

“I definitely did not want a row of uncomfortable hard chairs in the waiting room or an unfriendly sliding glass window that separates the patients from the staff.  I wanted to create a place which was attractive, comfortable and which said to our patients, “we value our relationship with you.” 

    Among the things the office includes are comfortable leather couches, antique accent pieces, a big screen TV, and an assortment of current magazines ranging from Sports Illustrated to People Magazine.  Artwork throughout the practice provides a pictorial tour of some of the many sites the couple visited during their years living in Europe.


“From the time patients walk in to the time they leave, we want the experience to be pleasant for them,” said Mrs. Medley.  

“Patients’ escorts or those not currently scheduled for surgery are offered coffee, soft drinks or bottled water to enjoy as they wait.  

A technician installs a new chair designed for maximum patient comfort.

State of the Art equipment surrounded by

Old World Charm....

If you’ve got

to go....

our bathroom features antiques, a mouthwash dispenser, hand lotion and individual cloth hand towels.  “My husband didn’t get why it was important to concentrate on the bathroom,” laughed Mrs Medley. “I told him that women really appreciate a nice bathroom.  They want good lighting, a mirror, and someplace other than the floor to put their purse.  I explained that it’s a GIRL thing.  He scratched his head, shrugged his shoulders, and told me I was in charge!”